Truth Verification Services

For Detection of Deception Lodge Security Services will seek out the truth by eliminating honest staff from further investigation without the negativity usually associated with this method of testing.

Truth Verification by means of AVSAPRO [Voice  Polygraph Technology]


 poly 2 & AVSAPRO

“We generally experience few problems or anxieties when we tell the truth.  We have a fear of consequence and when we lie, the mind and body will display involuntary signals that, when properly interpreted, will indicate deception”.



Intelligence agencies worldwide utilise AVSA testing systems as the latest software can calculate up to 20 estimates of stress per second.  An independent scoring exercise by experts revealed a 5% recorded difference on the estimate values of stress, and that AVSAPRO software provides a consistent and reliable basis for truth verification.

Lodge Security Services has the latest technologies available to assist you with any investigation that you may have within your organisation.

  • Incident Specific Testing

An incident has occurred within your organisation and you need to determine whether anyone is directly or indirectly involved with this incident.

  • Periodic Testing

Periodic testing of employees is used to identify any abuse or dishonesty whilst they are in your employ. Usually employees are periodically tested if they work in high-risk areas where theft or abuse could occur (cash handling, handling of high-risk products, security or banking). Periodic testing identifies employee theft along with providing a deterrent to other staff who may consider any form of dishonesty.

  • Pre-employment Testing

Don’t let your staff become part of your problem. Pre-employment testing is used to obtain information from a candidate that would not necessary be revealed during normal interview techniques and procedures, such as any criminal activity, drug (narcotic) abuse or falsifying of documentation (education and skills).

All tests are conducted for your specific industry, without prejudice and on a concentual basis.

Lodge Security Examiners are certified with the Polyvsa Institute of South Africa and the Polygraph and Voice Stress Association of South Africa.

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